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About eAWARE

1 in 20 primary school children has received a naked image via social media.

Recent research by the UK Home office has highlighted there are 80,000 online child predators active in the UK alone, how many globally is truly frightening. Children as young as 5 years of age are being targetted.

eAWARE educates children on how to remain safe online and via our school’s platform provides Internet safety education to over 50,000 school children.

Our research has shown that the majority of Online bullying, grooming occurs on the child’s tablet or smartphone with the parents being completely oblivious.

We have been asked by parents can we provide them with the same solution we do for schools and the schools have asked can we create a solution to help educate parents as to their child’s online activities.  The eAWARE APP is our solution.

eAware App

What parents say

"I think I’m a pretty clued up when it comes to online safety, but there are topics covered by eAWARE that I hadn’t even considered".

"The APP enabled me as a mother to learn about the dangers with my daughter, it really highlighted the dangers they face".

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