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Take a look below at some of our learning videos. In addition to these we offer unique guides for parents with complimentary follow up learning activities enabling you to effectively cover online safety from the comfort of your home .

Digital Footprints: Age 5-7

Join Tag the mouse as he introduces the term ‘Digital Footprint’. This topic is designed to help the learner understand that everything they do online creates a Digital Footprint which is permanent.

Photos: Age 7-9

In this video Tag takes a look at where photos online come from and helps us understand that once uploaded a picture is online forever.

Passwords: Age 9-11

Join Lenny on his birthday as he helps us learn how to make, identify and understand why we need to use strong passwords on our digital devices and online accounts.

Social Media: Age 11-14

Social Media 101 is part one of five videos designed to increase understanding of social media, discussing facts, privacy controls and things to consider.

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