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Provide your staff with the skills they need to keep their family safe online. eAWARE guides you through a learning journey of online safety, empowering the whole family with the skills they need to stay safe online whilst making the most of the digital world.

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Safeguarding children is an excellent way to meet your Corporate Social Responsibility objectives. By funding a local school you can make a real difference to the wellbeing of young people in your community.

Schools are struggling to meet their students’ education needs due to budget cuts. However, sexual exploitation, grooming, cyberbullying and similar dangers are too real to ignore and we must find a way to address them.

Get involved with our Corporate Funding Program and help provide a local school with online safety resources.

Receive complimentary membership for your employees when your business funds a school.

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eAWARE tracks your progress through the learning videos so you know exactly where you are on your learning journey.

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